Roofing Maintenance

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At Colm McGrane Roofing Systems we offer a roof maintenance program to suit your needs. Many companies believe that once they install a new roofing system, that you don't need to worry about their roof for years, but with semi-annual inspections, we can identify and solve problems before it requires costly repairs.

Through this maintenance program, you will receive a full inspection and maintenance service on a semi-annual schedule. We will clean your roof, including all drains, of all dirt and debris, caulking any leaks or cracks we find as we go. Any problems we encounter will be reported directly to the owner, along with our suggestions for the correct course of action

A typical maintenance program involves the following services:

  • Clean all Roof Drains and Gutters
  • Clean Roof Areas where Ponding Water Accumulates
  • Repair all membrane damage from punctures
  • Inspection of all Flashings at penetrations and curbs, including Walls, Pipes, and Skylights
  • Inspection of all Seams and Expansion Joints in the field of the roof
  • Resecure any loose Sheet Metal, Gutters, or Downspouts

Once a comprehensive roof inspection has been completed, we provide you with a survey of your roof assets. All aspects of the inspection and repair processes are thoroughly documented both with written reports and digital imagery.

Computer-generated reports contain digitally integrated photographs and drawings that can be used for due diligence or presentation to management.